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Fascia training for the back and chest

TheHIMTEC back trainer stretches the fascia of the back and chest. The large dorsal muscle as well as the deeper, indigenous back muscles are relieved. The intervertebral discs can regenerate.

Intensive exercisers know that many exercises put more strain on the back than they would like. In some exercises, the spine is literally compressed.


(Compression) With the X-RAISER, you can achieve pulling forces well in excess of 100(0) KG (N).


HIMTEC back trainers work purely mechanically.

By tilting and lowering the three-part lying surface, the three surfaces are spread apart. This allows the person lying down to stretch out.

The user controls the spread of the lying surfaces with his or her own muscular strength and thus actively strengthens the back muscles. The tensile forces are measured by an ultrasensitive load sensor and displayed digitally.