HIMTEC back trainer

Targeted back training for a strong and healthy back

On building sites, in agriculture or in logistics, wherever the work is physical, the back is solicited, even overworked.


If you are a 'cramper' who moves heavy materials every day with the strength of your body, you certainly have a back problem.

With the HIMTEC BodyStretcher you strengthen your back and relieve your spine


During physical work, more than 20 tons of weight act on your back every day. No wonder it contracts and spoils your work and leisure time.

Marcel Häne
Erfinder und Entwickler


"This is exactly why I originally designed the device. For decades I had been lugging steel crates or beams around the shop and battling back problems on a daily basis. I hung on to bars and stretched with whatever I could find.

Eventually, I got so sick of it that I welded my first BodyStretcher.

It has become a very successful stretching machine that sits in the corner of my studio. I spend five minutes on it every morning and evening - I haven't had any back pain since. "

Application / Training

Place your HBS in the warehouse or in a corner of your workshop. Use it as needed before work, at noon or in the evening before going home. Our fitters will show you some exercises that will be good for your back.


Are there any maintenance intervals for the machine?

Once purchased, the HRT is cost-free. It is maintenance free and we provide a multi-year warranty on the operation of the machine if used properly.


What if something happens? Is there a repair service?

We will help you within 48 hours and we are at your home in Switzerland with our repair service. In case of a major repair of the HIMTEC fitness equipment we will provide you with a replacement equipment free of charge during the repair phase, so that your team can continue to keep fit.


How much space does the HIMTEC back trainer require?

It can be placed on a surface of 1.5 x 2.5 m and has a place almost everywhere. It can be used in work clothes and work shoes and is not sensitive to dirt.


What if something happens? Is there a repair service?

Our service team repairs small breakdowns on site. For larger repairs, we provide a replacement unit for the duration of the breakdown.


Is it possible to make a mistake when using the HRT?

The HRT is a sports device that has a real impact. You should therefore get used to the device and increase the intensity over time, once you are comfortable with the HIMTEC back trainer. In any case, we give you good instructions for use and help you to get the best possible result with simple information in pictures.


Any questions?

One of our experts will be happy to meet with you for an initial interview.

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