HIMTEC back trainer

Contribute to the "corporate fitness" of your company

Corporate Fitness is increasingly becoming a focus for business owners, as the costs associated with sickness absence are far greater than those associated with providing a healthy work environment for employees.


Whether it is back strain or bad posture due to working on a PC, the HIMTEC BodyStretcher can contribute to corporate fitness in your company.

In these cases a HIMTEC back training device is interesting for your company.

  1. If the well-being of your employees is important to you and you would like to contribute to corporate fitness in your company.
  2. If your team spends several hours a day in front of the computer
  3. If some people complain about back strain or have to go to physiotherapy because of such problems
  4. If you also want to provide your company's visitors with an easy-to-use 5-minute break that directly contributes to the relaxation of the back muscles.

A back disease leads to costs due to absence from work because of personal illness or because of having to care for family members.

At 12.2 billion francs per year, these indirect costs of musculoskeletal diseases are in first place, of which approximately 7.5 billion francs are for chronic back diseases.

Extract from the Federal Council's strategy paper on 'Health2020

Back pain is one of the most frequent, costly and complex problems to treat in Germany.

According to statistics, 69% of Germans suffer from back pain.

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4 reasons why the Himtec back trainer adds value to your business:
The HRT relaxes the back and spine by using it for a few minutes a day.

You actively contribute to corporate fitness in your company.

The HRT is a presentable device that enhances your general premises.

You can simply engage your customers in a completely different way than before.

Your team will be surprised and grateful.

You are sending a positive signal to your team by showing that you care about the health and well-being of your employees.

Other entrepreneurs will be impressed by your ability to innovate.

You can present your business partners with a modern device that simply increases fitness in your company.

Application / Training

Operation is very simple and can be carried out independently. Our installation team will be happy to give your team an introduction to operation, during which interested parties can test the device directly.


Costs / benefits

Once purchased, the HRT does not generate any costs. It requires no maintenance and we offer a multi-year warranty on the operation of the device if used properly.

It can be placed on a 1.5 x 2.5 m surface and attracts attention, which is good for your business.
Customized covers in your corporate colors promote your identity and directly associate the positive effect of the device with your hotel.


What if something happens? Is a repair service available?

We will help you within 48 hours and we are at your service throughout Switzerland with our repair service. In case of a major repair of the HIMTEC fitness equipment we will provide you with a replacement equipment free of charge during the repair phase, so that your team can continue to keep fit.


Is it possible to make a mistake when using it?

The HBS is a high-impact sports device. Your team must therefore get used to the device. A brief introduction can be seen from a booth sign located directly next to the device. The HIMTEC installation team will personally introduce the employees to the device.


Any questions?

Our consultants will gladly take the time to clarify with you the benefits of HTR for your company.

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