HIMTEC BodyStretcher

The ideal training device for your hotel in the field of fitness/wellness and spa

Want to spoil your guests?

Your hotel guests often arrive tired after a long trip. Guests have spent the trip sitting, moving little and carrying heavy luggage. Back strain is the result.


Do you want to offer your guests added value?

With the HBS you can on the one hand sensibly supplement your fitness park or rest area and on the other hand specifically address guests with back strain.


With the HIMTEC back trainer you help your hotel guests to relax more.

In only 5 minutes of training on the device the intervertebral discs are relaxed again and the back muscles are stretched. This means you can enjoy your hotel stay in a relaxed manner.

"My hotel guests enjoy the 5-minute back workout offering. After the workout, guests feel more relaxed and ready to go out."

The HRT is a world first.

You are known as an innovative and health-friendly hotel.

The HRT creates effective back relief in just 5 minutes of training.

The compressed intervertebral discs and tense back muscles of his limbs could be relaxed and loosened again.

The HRT gives rise to totally new conversations in the fitness/wellness/spa field.

The result is positive customer retention. Guests will book their hotel again or recommend it to others.

The HRT complements your rest area or fitness park and you offer added value to your customers.

You can integrate the HRT in your advertising and enhance your hotel.

Application / Training

Operation is very simple and can be done independently. Operation is explained on an elegant information display with a description of how the device works. International visitors can scan a QR code with their smartphone and the application is explained on a video.


Costs / benefits

Once purchased, the HRT does not generate any costs. It requires no maintenance and we provide a multi-year warranty on the operation of the device if used properly.


It can be placed on a surface of 1.5 x 2.5m and is an EYECATCHER. It can be placed on a surface of 1.5 x 2.5m and is a great addition to your hotel.
Customized covers in the hotel's colors reinforce your identity and directly associate the positive effect of the device with your hotel.


What if something happens? Is there a repair service?

We will help you within 24 hours and we are at your disposal in the whole of Switzerland with our repair service. In case of a major repair of the HIMTEC fitness equipment we will provide you with a free replacement during the repair phase so that your customers can continue to enjoy the HIMTEC back trainer.


Is it possible to make a mistake when using it?

The HBS is a sports device that has a real impact. Your customers should therefore get used to the device. A short introduction is visible from a stand panel directly next to the device. In addition, HIMTEC personally trains your staff in the use of the device.


Any questions?

Our consultants will gladly take the time to clarify with you the usefulness of HBS for your hotel.

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