With the HIMTEC back trainer, you can get through life in a relaxed manner. It's good for your muscles, fascia, intervertebral discs and joints. After work or after intensive training.

This is how the HIMTEC back trainer works

The HIMTEC back trainer is a manual traction table that is ideal for stretching intervertebral discs and strengthening back muscles.

Thanks to its purely mechanical control, it is very easy to use and the control of the stretching is always in your hands. Stretching your back with the HIMTEC BodyStretcher gives you a pleasant feeling and increases your vitality.

The HIMTEC X-Raiser helps you to strengthen the back muscles and allows the intervertebral discs to recover faster.

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Intensive exercisers know that many exercises put more strain on the back than they would like.

In some exercises, the spine is literally compressed. (compression)

With the X_RAISER, you can achieve tensile forces of well over 100(0) KG (N).


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Relief of intervertebral discs after weight training

Simply at home in the fitness center

Faster regeneration at the fitness center with the Bodystretcher

Relaxing the back gently for your clients



Monitoring of muscle activity during therapy.

«The BodyStretcher is ingrained in our members as a conclusion to their training. It doesn't matter if one is young or old. It is enjoyed by everyone equally.»

(Simone Schneiter and Patrick Schenk, owners of Fitness Emotion, Spreitenbach)


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Test the HIMTEC back trainer with your customers now, without obligation and for free for up to 2 months!

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X-shaped reed.
Can be used forward and backward.


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Traction couch with quality label

If you have a sore back or want to stretch comfortably, the Himtec Bodystretcher acts as a classic stretching bench. Simply adjust the height and stretch in a targeted and precise manner.


Physiotherapists and trainers also use our back trainer as a traction table - with great success.


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