The ideal training device for your fitness center

Intensive exercisers know that many exercises put more strain on the back than they would like. In some exercises, the spine is literally compressed.


Even those who want to do something for their backs after a stressful day at the office in a fitness center lack a machine that would effectively relieve their back.


We hang from bars and try to spread the compressed intervertebral discs. The shoulder joints are unnecessarily stressed and the effect is limited by the weight of the legs.


With the Himtec back trainer this is a thing of the past.

In only 5 minutes of training on the device, the intervertebral discs are relaxed again and the back muscles are stretched. The large dorsal muscle as well as the deeper indigenous muscles are effectively relieved.

" Our clients and customers are really happy with HBS. New conversations about back and health have begun."


Claudia and Marco

David Gym Trainer (Zurich)

That's why you should consider purchasing a Himtec back trainer (HRT) for your fitness center:
The HRT is an innovative world first in the field of sports and fitness

You are known as an innovative and health-promoting fitness center

The HRT creates effective back relief in just 5 minutes of training.

The compressed intervertebral discs and the tense back muscles of his limbs can be relaxed and loosened again.

The HRT leads to totally new conversations in the fitness center.

This results in a positive customer experience and customer loyalty and may lead to the purchase of additional services at your center.

Can the fitness equipment be integrated into a training circuit without problems?

The HIMTEC back trainer is an interesting addition to any training circuit and training program. Due to its innovative approach to back training and especially to the relief of the intervertebral discs the HIMTEC back trainer can be used as a relieving fitness device. It can be used to prevent back pain and herniated discs at an early stage and in a preventive manner.


Are there any maintenance intervals for the device?

Once you have purchased the HIMTEC back training device, there are no further costs. It is maintenance-free and we provide a two-year warranty on the function of the device if it is used correctly.


What if something happens? Is there a repair service?

We will help you within 48 hours and we are at your home in Switzerland with our repair service. In case of a major repair of the HIMTEC fitness equipment we will provide you with a replacement equipment free of charge during the repair phase, so that your team can continue to keep fit.


How much space do I need for the HIMTEC back trainer?

It can be placed on a surface of 1.5 x 2.5m and is a GREAT ASSET for your fitness center.

Customized covers in your center's colors promote your identity and directly associate the positive effect of the machine with you.


Can training data be stored on a chip?

At the moment this feature is not yet available for the HIMTEC back trainer, but we are working on a solution for this.


Is special training or practice required to use the device?

The HIMTEC Back Trainer can be used directly after a 30 minute training by our technical experts. Your employees and trainers will be trained on the device in a short time and can then directly take care of the members of their fitness center on the HIMTEC fitness device.


How big and how heavy is the device allowed to be?

The HIMTEC fitness equipment can be used with a body weight of up to 120 kg and a height of up to 195 cm. Our experts will gladly give you more detailed information in a personal consultation.


What are the costs and benefits?

"Try it and you'll love it" - test our HIMTEC BodyStretcher in your fitness center for three months and experience the benefits for your members first hand.

If you like the HIMTEC back trainer, you can decide to buy, rent or lease it.


Buy, rent, lease? - The choice is yours

You can easily order the HIMTEC back trainer online on our website. We also offer you the possibility to customize it according to your wishes for a small additional charge.

In addition to the purchase option, you can also rent or lease our innovative fitness equipment for a specific period of time. We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable financing model for you.


Is there a discount for orders of 10+ HIMTEC back trainers?

If you decide to integrate the HIMTEC back trainer into your fitness equipment, we can offer you a special discount.


Any questions?

Our consultants will gladly take the time to clarify with you the usefulness of EBS for your center.

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