New therapeutic concept for back pain

Back pain is one of the most frequent, costly and medically complex problems in Germany.

According to statistics, 69% of Germans suffer from back pain. 34% complain of recurring or chronic back pain and 20 million Germans consult a doctor every year for this problem.


The economic losses due to back pain in Germany are estimated at 49 billion euros per year and each person affected by back pain is absent from work an average of 17.5 days per year.


In most cases, no basic illness can be identified as the cause of the back pain. A sedentary lifestyle, prolonged and incorrect sitting position and unsuitable sleeping places are most of the risk factors that, over time, lead to back problems.


To curb the massive prescription of analgesics, new innovative therapeutic approaches are needed.

Practical advice

The new and innovative HIMTEC BodyStretcher is an interesting addition to any training program and other medical therapeutic measures to relieve the back.


In only 5 minutes of training on the device, the intervertebral discs are relaxed again and the back muscles are stretched. This effectively relieves the large dorsal muscle as well as the deeper indigenous muscles. The careful stretching dissolves stuck muscle fibers and painful myogelosis in the long term. During the application, severely compressed intervertebral discs are softened, allowing them to absorb more nutrients and expand the cushioning gel substance. The result: irritated nerves in the back region are calmed, tension is relieved and pain is significantly reduced. After the first use, users report a noticeable feeling of relief in the back.


The BodyStrecher is very easy to use, the device works purely mechanically and can be operated by the practice staff.


Its use also offers a great advantage over other stretching methods (e.g., bars), as the shoulder joints are not stressed.


The device can be used for therapeutic purposes in a doctor's office, but also as a preventive measure at home.